Wow. Seriously, not sure how long I’m going to be able to continue typing those four words into that title box there. It’s tedious. Thank god my songs are awesome enough to make it worthwhile, right? *cough*

Today’s song, following yesterday’s (was it yesterday I posted Jack Johnson? Whatever, following Jack Johnson’s) post, is by another man whose voice is amazing enough that you let it rock you gently to sleep. It’s Iron & Wine, people. The man himself looks uncannily like Jesus, so it comes as little surprise that his songs are sometimes fairly religious. If that’s a problem for you, which it really shouldn’t be because it’s not like he’s grooming an army of devout Christians, then go away and block your ears becase I WILL PLAY THESE SONGS AND ENJOY THEM.

And the winner of the Jesus look-alike competition goes to...

Anyway, generally his songs consist of his voice and guitars. As I’ve already mentioned, he has a beautiful voice, and he harmonises with himself. That’s like layers of beautiful voice making beautiful sounds. It’s like a wedding cake. 

Nothing but guitar, rhythm and a man’s voice. Bring on the music.