This is, unfortunately, the second time I’ve typed up this post, which means my fingers hurt and my patience has worn thin.

Anyway, I love this song, but in particular because I can, as of today, play it on the guitar. All of it, no skipping chords or anything. The blisters were totally worth it, babyy.

So, it’s a great song by the Beatles (most of their songs are amazing anyway, except maybe Revolution 9). It’s sweet, sad and simple. Everything you need in a song, right?

And on a side note, I’m starting to really hate YouTube. You have to trawl through hundreds of awful covers, posing as the real thing, before you can begin to look at likely songs. This means you actually have to listen to every song, when they aren’t clearly marked. Waste of time #1. Even more annoying is the fact that once you’ve found a song that looks perfect (and 90% of the time, looks are completely deceptive), you often have to sit through adverts. Sure, they’re probably only 10 or so seconds, but considering that I only want to check that the song’s good enough to post (and therefore only need to listen to 5 seconds of it), that seems like a long, long time. That there’s Waste of time #2. The third and final waste of time, and general annoyance is the little comment bubbles that pop up screaming at you to “SUBSKRIB 2 MAH CHANEL !!!!1111oneoneone!!1” (and yes, there are inevitably spelling mistakes). Perhaps worse are the pathetic attempts at puerile humour from some bored man somewhere who cleverly positions a speech bubble so that it looks like Bob Dylan is saying “soz man, I have a cold, can’t sing”, or David Bowie’s exclaming “I have a giant cock”. Oh, the heights of humour.

Alright. Rant over (it’s an even longer rant than my first one…). My fingers hurt too much to type much more, and I know that there’s food downstairs waiting for me, along with the guitar on which I shall proceed to PLAY THIS SONG. Yeah.

Here, then, is the song: