I’ve missed quite a few days (blame the parents – they decided to spend a few days travelling around Oxford, which is amazing, and I’m moving there sometime in the future).

Anyway, today’s song of the day… I haven’t actually got one just yet, but I’ll scan my iPod quickly to find inspiration.

Got it. Okay, today’s song is actually one that I had to use as a source in my GCSE History coursework. God knows what the exam board was thinking (ooh, let’s give them a song, that’ll spice things up a bit) but I’ve now written something like 3000 words on this song, as well as some other sources about the Women’s Liberation Movement and all that protest jazz. I’ve spent 1 hr 30 mins in class writing two essays analysing the motive behind this song, and can now assure you that Bob Dylan did not intend to lead the protests and the growing generation gap, but was aiming rather to reflect the mood in the US during 1964. It’s a shame that the work I’ve done on the song has slightly marred my opinion of it, but still, I reckon it’s one of his best.

’nuff rambling. Here’s the song. Enjoy, and hope you never have to write an essay on it.

— You have no idea how hard it is to find an original version of that song on YouTube, so this is pretty bad. Anyway. Ignore the fact that it’s from Watchmen, or whatever.