So, today, it’s a poem by Poe. I remember reading a collection of Poe’s short stories (he’s the master of them), including the Black Cat. I was so terrified by that story that I didn’t sleep that night, and everytime I turned out the light, I’d jump into bed and under the cover – the cat couldn’t get me if none of my skin was showing, you see. I’ve hated cats ever since. Anyway, that’s the Power of Poe: what he writes sticks with you for a very long time. His short stories are chilling, and well worth a read.

Although ‘The Raven’ is probably more famous than any of his other poems, for various reasons, it’s also very, very long. I don’t have that kind of attention span, so I thought I’d just post a short, but good (obviously) poem. Reading on the screen is much harder than reading anything from a book. It’s less substantial, and I’m more prone to wandering back onto Facebook. Poetry is really not my thing, so it requires focus on my part. This is Poe’s ‘Dream within a Dream’, a concept which was fascinating even before Inception Hollywoodised it. Call me a strange child, but I sometimes fell asleep thinking about a little girl lying in bed dreaming about a little girl lying in bed dreaming about a little girl lying in bed… You get the idea. It’s that possibility of infinity that I find interesting, which is why I chose this poem.

Another thought this title generated was the age-old “What if life as we know it is really a dream, the figment of some other person’s imagination?” It’s frightening to think that what we feel is so real could actually only be some giant sleeper’s dream, and we don’t exist at all… Deep.

I haven’t actually read it properly, but the title attracted me, so here:

          Take this kiss upon the brow!
          And, in parting from you now,
          Thus much let me avow-
          You are not wrong, who deem
          That my days have been a dream;
          Yet if hope has flown away
          In a night, or in a day,
          In a vision, or in none,
          Is it therefore the less gone?
          All that we see or seem
          Is but a dream within a dream.

          I stand amid the roar
          Of a surf-tormented shore,
          And I hold within my hand
          Grains of the golden sand-
          How few! yet how they creep
          Through my fingers to the deep,
          While I weep- while I weep!
          O God! can I not grasp
          Them with a tighter clasp?
          O God! can I not save
          One from the pitiless wave?
          Is all that we see or seem
          But a dream within a dream?