Oh. Dear.

“Which seat can I take?” <– Beautiful, deep, meaningful lyrics there. Actually, this song reminds me quite a bit of the classic Bieber’s ‘Baby’. It has the same sounding melody, a little. And obviously, the same totally awesome type of lyrics.

(Talking of totally awesome, the dance move of one of the girls in the car…)

I do feel kinda sorry for this girl though. People are literally laughing everywhere. I’ve seen this video posted so many times on Facebook, and she probably has loads of YouTube hits – but only because people couldn’t believe it was a real song… Apparently, she didn’t actually write the lyrics herself. Her mum paid $2000 so that her daughter could record this. That, in my view, is a horrible waste of money.

I pity the poor rapper, who actually thought he’d made a good career move. Oh well.

In some ways, it’s actually instructive… For all those of you out there who just kept getting confused as to which day followed friday, now you know.