Well, hello.

Is anyone there?

So this is what Simon and Garfunkel meant by the ‘Sound of Silence’. Oh dear. My humour is shocking (I’m nervous, and even on the best of days, I’m not so good at the whole ‘pouring out every thought in my mind’ thing). Anyway, what I mean to say is: I’m new at this. I have ideas, which will, as usual, turn into nothingness, but for now they’re here.

Idea for blog #1: MUSIC – who doesn’t love music? And I just got a tonne from my father. Despite being a 16 year old girl, I would say my taste in music is pretty similar, if not exactly identical to that of a middle-aged man. I have proof – my dad and I like the same music. Freaky… Anyway, I figured I’d share my mature taste with you all in various forms, including a SONG OF THE DAY. Yes, you should be excited. It’s going to be amazing (ahaha, I wish).

Idea for blog #2: BOOKS – Literature is my great passion. Okay, so I don’t get out much, and I’m too malcoordinated, short sighted and just plain lazy to enjoy exercise in any form, so I read a lot. And, once again, I felt the urge to share this love of books with the world, maybe in the form of a discussion or a review or two? Oui, oui?

Idea for blog #3: ——- OF THE DAY. Yes, people, you heard me right. A blog filled with QUOTES OF THE DAY, the occasional PICTURE OF THE DAY, the aforementioned SONG OF THE DAY and other generally awesome ideas such as CLICHE OF THE DAY (hey, it rhymes. That was just made to be), and FAIL OF THE DAY (another rhyme… fate…) You get the idea.

So, people of the world wide web, prepare yourselves. This blog is launched.